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We're excited to announce that our first research study has been published, and Dr. Michael is a co-author! Food Allergy Trends and Epinephrine Autoinjector Presence in Summer Camps was published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, and aimed to determine the prevalence of food allergies among campers; identify campers with co-morbid asthma, which puts them at higher risk of life-threatening anaphylaxis; and ascertain how many food-allergic children bring epinephrine auto-injectors with them to camp. [...]

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Back on the Road!

We’ve been keeping busy here in Ann Arbor to kick off the new year, working our hardest to ensure that our camp friends throughout the country are prepared for a successful, safe, and fun summer. While we’ve had fun playing in the snow over the last couple of months, we’re thrilled to announce that we'll be escaping the cold and hitting the road to attend a variety of conferences. If you are planning on attending [...]

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Our New Office!

We're not leaving Ann Arbor, we've just outgrown our current space. It's been cozy over the last year, but we simply can't fit any more and account managers, support leaders, or web developers into our office at 526 S Maple Rd. Please update your records and direct all future correspondence to: 4750 Venture Drive Suite 101 Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108 Our new office is colorful and creative. It has large open spaces and [...]

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Top Movies to Watch If You’re Missing Camp

Summer is coming to a close. Commercials for back-to-school sales are pervasive, families are back from their vacations, and schools around the nation are re-waxing their tile floors because they will soon be packed with students. For those of us who just got back from camp, the adjustment to school will be especially difficult. It is not easy to go from a day structured around activities and playing to a day structured around focusing and hard [...]

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Sending Your Child into the Wild: How Parents Can Keep Their Children Healthy and Safe

It's finally June: you've paid camp fees, filled out all of the necessary forms, and you've been trying your best to collect every item that is on your camp packing list. Congratulations, you are officially a camp parent! Although you may not get the chance to leave behind your responsibilities and frolic outside all day like your children get to do, you are very much a part of camp this summer whether you realize it [...]

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How Counselors Can Make Personal Care Fun for Campers

As a 16-year-old kid, the director of my camp told me that I was “in loco parentis” for 12 children. This is a Latin term meant to describe my responsibility as a counselor: to effectively take on the role of parent for my campers. Parenthood is probably the most vital job on this earth, so the idea of two 16-year-old camp buddies adopting a dozen 10-year-old boys for a whole month sounds like the framework [...]

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