There are so many things that does so well! I think a couple of things that really stand out are the support that they provide. Any time we need them they are right there. They also allow our nurses to practice in a safer way. We have all the medical info we need at our fingertips. We love the Medication Administration Record (MAR), and being able to pre-populate all of our information ahead of time. We can now follow up on questions prior to the kids arrival. I could go on and on, just a fabulous program!!!
Jamie Kimball, Registrar @ YMCA of Greater Manchester
Families LOVED it! It was our first online registration experience and our families found it easy and thorough. Our entire admin team found the system quick and easy to use.
Genna Singer, Director of JCC Camps @ JCC Manhattan
I can’t believe for so many years we would make three copies of each campers healthy history form and then we discovered CampDoc gives parents easy access to fill out their campers health history while giving the camp easy access to look up information. CampDoc is the most efficient and customer friendly business I have worked with and has made the process of parents filling out healthy history forms 100 percent better at the Columbus JCC of Greater Columbus. What we loved is that we could look up the information so quickly and log the nurses notes online. The mere fact that we can run allergy reports so quickly and filter is a blessing! Your company customer service is outstanding and efficient!
Halle Schwartz, Director of Children, Youth, Teen and Camping @ Jewish Community Center of Greater Columbus
We wanted to have an accessible online registration tool, and be able to keep track of campers at all levels in all sessions. is helping us to achieve this goal. Our registration process is so much smoother. The check-in process was made so much easier with the addition of the check-in report. We’re looking forward to working with you next summer. Many thanks!
Pam Osbourne, Office Manager @ Camp Fire Illinois Prairie
Our goal was to collect the data in one place. In the past it has been difficult to get families to fill out their forms and get them back in a timely fashion. streamlined the process.
Catherine Pray, Chief Program Officer @ Blueprint Summer Programs made the setup for camp much easier, and we were able to get everything squared away before check-in day. I liked being able to see reminders, which profiles were complete, and I especially appreciate that we were able to customize our form to fit our needs.
Carol Cronin, Education Administrator @ Mathematica Summer Camp
We used to have a confusing, multi-step process that required us to call or email parents multiple times between the time they paid their deposit and arrived at camp. The cleaner registration process more professional, safe, and a time-saver for parents. Having camper’s registration/health information on file will continue to benefit us from this point on, because we can very quickly add new sessions to their account.
Bryan Turner, Director of Spring Break & Summer Camps @ Camp Wilderness Ridge really helped us with our health issues and with logging of meds and needs. I am convinced that is the answer to many problems we have been having and will speed up our check-in process.
Phil Steele, Business Manager @ Rock Lake Christian Assembly was an AMAZING addition to our camp preparation this summer! The parents of our campers have commented time and time again how much the online application process enhanced their camp experience! Also, our camp staff LOVED the opportunity to review the camper’s applications online leading up to camp! From an administrative standpoint, this was the most effective and efficient addition that we added to our camp this summer. THANK YOU!
Jennifer Kobylarz, Executive Director @ CHAMP Camp
Our kids with allergies are a lot safer. I think it made us and our counselors more efficient, having the health information they needed right at their fingertips.
Carrie Tulloch, Administrator @ Tri-Cities Family YMCA
I like the email reminders that are sent out regarding balances. That way I don’t have to send out letters to remind the parents of an open invoice!
Patricia Hoffmannbeck, Finance Director @ Central Ohio Diabetes Association
Accessing information pre-summer is so easy. Getting reports, uploading new campers, so simple. I feel that we were able to provide the best health care for our campers and this is largely because of our use of
Aaron Cantor, Director @ JCC of Greater Rochester Camp Seneca Lake
We found many efficiencies using the software. Reports were easy, tracking was great. Med distribution was well documented. Our health check in process is pretty seamless anyway, but having all of the info consolidated was nice.
Adam Russell, Program Director @ American Youth Foundation – Miniwanca
I am so glad to be part of the experience. It is making both my life and the parents of our campers lives soooooo much easier!
Michael Radell, Camp Director @ Epilepsy-Pralid
The eMAR was a great double check that the meds we prepared were correct at time of administration!
Stephanie Mann, Health and Wellness Director @ YMCA of Greater Charlotte was a fantastic resource for our staff this summer. We were able to let all of our counselors and food services know about their camper’s allergies and health concerns before they were onsite. This allowed out staff to be proactive when dealing with medical and health concerns. Thank you!
Faith Martin, Director Youth Leadership Development Strategy @ Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland made it more efficient and less time consuming for the parents on check-in. It also freed up our data entry and help desk staff time.
Renee Graham, Data Entry Specialist @ Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan
Using made a huge improvement in our registration process! It was much easier to keep track of the status of camper and staff applications and progress. The feature allowing us to email groups or individuals turned out to be very helpful.
Sharon Pfeiffer, Director @ Nick and Kelly Children's Heart Camp
This was my first time working with, and it was very efficient. It was much easier when I helped at our camp check-ins, and if the camper did not have all their information complete, it was something we could do right then and there.
Lauren Frazier, Overnight Camp Registrar @ Granite YMCA
We used to have to sit down with the paper health forms and sort out the meds for the dinner after check-in at 3:00pm on Sunday. It was a race against time with our Health Center staff often having to forego the meal to make sure everything was in order. Now it is all done for us by!
Charles Stark, Director of Outdoor Ministry @ Slumber Falls Camp
Our goals were to collect information before the start of camp electronically and save the bother of printing multiple copies of forms submitted by people. We wanted to take the stress that this type of document collection for 300 kids weekly puts on the office staff and front-line staff. All goals were accomplished!
Thomas Venniro, Parks and Recreation Director @ Hilton-Parma
The medication confirmation form that you generated for us, based off of the medications that the parents entered, which was then signed by the parents and physician was GENIUS, and SO incredibly helpful to our camp. Thank you!
Stephanie Paynter, Health Supervisor @ St. Aloysius Retreat House