We’re continuing our mission to improve the health and safety at camps, and are now working to combat homesickness with the introduction of CampGrams!

Campers eagerly await mail call every day, and when they receive letters from home, it helps them feel connected to family and friends. Letters are one of the most effective treatments to cure homesickness. With CampGrams from CampDoc.com families can easily send one-way messages to their campers so they instantly feel connected to home.

We’ve had an incredible response to our free online camp registration over the last few years, and have had hundreds of our camps transition to CampDoc.com as their standalone software system. We’ve listened to feedback, and you’ve told us that the one remaining area you’re still using from third-party camp software providers was their one-way parent email service. We are hopeful that with the addition of CampGrams, you’ll now be able to keep all things camp in one place, streamlining the process for you and your families!

What are CampGrams?
CampGrams are a one-way communication tool that allows parents to easily send messages to their camper while they are away at camp. There is no need to wait for the postal service to deliver mail. With CampGrams, your camp can filter, download, and print out the messages families send and easily distribute them to campers by session, program, or cabin.

How much do CampGrams cost?
There is no cost to camps to use this service, and the cost to the family is essentially the same as a postage stamp, only $0.50 per CampGram.

Do CampGram credits expire?
Nope! If a family doesn’t use all of their CampGram credits at the end of the session, they will roll over for the next session or for the following summer.