Considerations in Selecting Healthcare Technologies

Many camps are already using electronic health records and incorporating technologies to support camp healthcare. The American Camp Association Healthy Camp Education and Monitoring Program Advisory Committee, based in part on efforts of the American Academy of Pediatrics, has developed a list of considerations for camps to identify areas that they should consider when planning for technology and camp healthcare. addresses each consideration outlined by the American Camp Association:

  1. Consideration #1: People, process, technology
  2. Consideration #2: Usability
  3. Consideration #3: Mobility
  4. Consideration #4: Functionality
  5. Consideration #5: Interoperability
  6. Consideration #6: Standardized codesets and terminologies
  7. Consideration #7: Data input from parents
  8. Consideration #8: Privacy, security, and HIPAA consideration
  9. Consideration #9: Portability of records
  10. Consideration #10: Maintenance of hard copies of records / redundancy / downtime procedures

As you reflect on the health and safety at your camp, and review tools and resources that seriously address the above considerations, take some time to explore, the leading electronic health record system for camps!

People, Process, Technology is more than just a tool. Our software puts a process in place that can help your camp get organized and stay organized. We know how much work goes into managing camper and staff health information and running a camp clinic each summer. CampDoc was designed by camp doctors, nurses and directors. Our secure, easy-to-use web-based solution manages health forms, medications/allergies and health logging for your camp. Need a list of camper’s who have food allergies to give to the kitchen staff or a list of camper’s who have allergies to bee/wasp stings for a backcountry trip? No problem, you can quickly create and print the reports. Wondering why so many camper’s are coming in with sprained ankles second session? Click a single button for an instant report. Do your families or nurses need help? Just give us a call or send an email to our Help Desk, and we’ll field all of your technical support questions. provides camp health staff instant access to vital medical information and will decrease the time and energy you’ll spend managing medical issues during initial camper check-in and throughout the summer.


CampDoc is designed specifically for camps, and we work with an incredibly diverse group of traditional resident and day camps throughout the United States, Canada and abroad. We have recently partnered with many special needs and medical camps, adventure, tripping and sports camps, and after-school and summer school programs as well.

Mobility can be accessed from anywhere using desktop or laptop computers, tablets, smartphones or other mobile devices. is not a memory-intensive application and can certainly be run without limitation using lower bandwidth dial-up or satellite connections as well.


An Electronic Health Record should increase efficiency and safety, while reducing risk and liability. does just that. Designed by camp doctors, nurses and directors, our system is functional and easy-to-use. Tired of the countless phone calls tracking down camper health forms and decipher parent’s handwriting? With required fields and automatic reminder emails, will help ensure you get the information you need, when you need it. Exhausted from the endless hours spent organizing camper medications on the first day of each session? automatically generates Medication Administration Records (MARs) and medication labels with the push of a button. Frustrated that you spend so much time documenting lice, pink eye and sprained ankles each summer only to find that your log-book sits on a shelf and collects dust at the end of each summer? can save you time and turn your health log into a useful tool with quick reports and risk management analysis.


It’s easy to get started with You will never have to re-enter demographic or cabin data. We can easily transfer data from your current camp database directly into the CampDoc system. Just send us a simple spreadsheet with basic camper information (first name, last name, date of birth, session, cabin and email address), and we’ll take care of the rest!

Standardized Codesets and Terminologies understands health informatics. We use healthcare terminologies, vocabularies, code sets, and classification systems to help you identify and organize health information at your camp. With CampDoc, you can measure the quality, safety and efficacy of care at your camp, in order to support clinical decision making and improve your clinical and administrative performance each summer. is always up-to-date. Our team works everyday to improve and expand, and since is a web-based system, the minute a new feature is released, you have access to it.

Data Input from Parents

Higher quality, complete documentation that is legible and organized, will make your camp clinic more efficient and help your health staff avoid mistakes. allows your families to submit their child’s health history, medication and allergy information electronically into our secure system with complete trust and confidence that their child’s information will be protected. Use our standard health form, or generate a customized health form to meet the specific needs of your camp; it’s up to you! Required fields guarantee you get the information you need and automatic reminder emails reduce the time your staff will spend tracking down incomplete forms. Do you require a copy of a doctor’s physical or copies of insurance cards for your campers? No problem, families can uploaded these documents directly into their camper’s medical record. Do your families complain about filling out the same health form year after year? With CampDoc, you can put them at ease; the information they enter for their camper carries over from year-to-year, requiring only re-verification that the information is still current and correct. With you can consolidate and integrate camper and staff health information into a centralized and secure location, all while saving paper and staying green!

Privacy, Security, and HIPAA Considerations

When it comes to personal health information, it is extremely important to understand any new system and have all of your questions answered.

We are fully committed to protecting the privacy and the security of your camper and staff’s personal information, and we implement a variety of security measures to maintain the safety of your data. Our site and all of the information transmitted through is secure and encrypted. All data is password protected, and only your camp’s health staff will have access to your camper and staff’s personal health information. As well, authorized access is limited to those with a need to know for purposes of patient care, and an audit trail is maintained of all providers accessing the patient record system.

CampDoc LLC does not “own” or claim rights to any personal health information. If you continue to use the data will remain in our system, improving continuity of care. However, you can download a copy of your camper and staff health information to keep on your own hard drive or servers at any point in time.

The security, confidentiality and privacy of your personal health information is always protected, and we are here to answer any other questions you have.

Portability of Records is portable, and our web-based solution allows you to access vital health information from anywhere. Get a jump start on reviewing health forms before camp begins while sitting in your pajamas at home, or sign in on your iPad during color war to quickly view camper allergies in the dining hall. With multiple user access, camp health staff can access health forms and log clinic visits simultaneously, speeding up daily clinic call.

Maintenance of Hard Copies of Records / Redundancy / Downtime Procedures

Accountability sits at the forefront of operations and we understand that reliability is critical to system success. Our Web Team reviews access, authentication, availability, and network maintenance procedures every day. A mission critical system, like CampDoc, is expected to be available at all times, and our Team knows that medical emergencies can happen on any day, at any time.

Want to keep hard copies of your records? No problem, everything in CampDoc is printable. You can also download all of your records in PDF or CSV format too. can be accessed on iPhones or iPads, so if the camp internet goes down, you are always able to connect wirelessly through your mobile device. implements redundant servers in a cloud-based model. Our network system achieves reliability beyond 99.9%. If one server shuts down, reserve resources will always be available when necessary.

We keep our users informed of all system status changes. Prolonged or repetitive downtime is unacceptable, and we make major system upgrades in the off-season and summer updates during non-peak hours. improves access to patient health information, and leads to better communication among care providers at your camp. Simply, can transform the delivery of health care at your camp, making it safer, more effective and more efficient.