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The CampDoc.com Story

CampDoc.com is the leading electronic health record system for camps, designed by camp doctors, nurses and directors. Our secure, easy-to-use web-based solution helps camps manage health forms, medications/allergies and health logging throughout the summer.

A proud member of the American Camp Association, the Christian Camp and Conference Association, the Association of Independent Camps, and the Western Association of Independent Camps, CampDoc.com has opened its doors to traditional resident summer camps and day camps throughout the United States and Canada. Recently, CampDoc has experienced an incredible growth in the diversity of camps using its systems, and now partners with many special needs and medical camps, adventure, tripping and sports camps, and after-school and summer school programs.

Dr. Michael and the CampDoc Team work continuously to refine, improve and expand their exclusive technology. They invite you to explore CampDoc for yourself, and see how their system can greatly enhance the quality of patient care at your camp!

Our History So Far

February 2017

CampDoc.com Releases Multilingual Support for Camps

Multilingual support added for camps to create and manage translations for all of their content.

January 2017

CampDoc.com Offers Camp Medical Supplies at Discounted Rates

CampDoc.com helps camps get prepared each summer by offering everything from bandaids and thermometers, to crutches, stethoscopes, and AEDs with no minimum orders and discounted pricing without having to buy in bulk.

September 2016

CampDoc.com Releases CampGrams

In September 2016, CampDoc.com releases a one-way camp email communication tool called CampGrams that allows families to easily send messages to their campers while they are away at camp.

April 2016

CampDoc.com Releases API for Single Sign-On (SSO) and Data Syncing

In April 2016, the CampDoc.com Web Team releases a public API so camps can sync data with a third-party database or enable SSO with their existing web portal.

November 2015

CampDoc.com Selected as a Preferred Vendor by JCC Association

In November 2015, CampDoc.com works with dozens of JCC camps and teams up with JCCA to continue their mission of helping camps reduce risk, improve efficiency and maximize safety.

August 2015

CampDoc.com Offers Travel & Emergency Medical Protection

In August 2015, CampDoc.com partners with CampAssure to help provide travel and emergency medical protection for children attending summer camps.

October 2014

CampDoc.com Selected by YMCA as a Preferred Vendor

In October 2014, CampDoc.com was selected by the YMCA as a preferred vendor to help improve the health and safety at YMCA summer camps.

November 2013

CampDoc.com Offers Free Online Registration

In November 2013, CampDoc.com launches a free online registration system where families are able to register their campers and pay camp deposits and tuition online.

May 2013

Electronic Medication Administration Records Released

The CampDoc.com Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) was released to eliminate transcription errors and their associated potential drug-related adverse events.

February 2012

CampDoc.com and Markel Insurance Join Forces

CampDoc.com and Markel Insurance team up to help reduce risk and keep campers and staff healthy and safe.

August 2011

Summer Camps Put Their Trust in CampDoc.com

CampDoc.com experienced over 500% growth from 2010 to 2011 and continues to grow exponentially every year.

October 2009

CampDoc.com Launches

After collaborating with camp doctors, nurses and camp directors, Dr. Michael launches CampDoc.com to improve efficiency and maximize safety in local camp communities.

December 2005

CampDoc.com Development Begins

Dr. Michael begins work on CampDoc.com after volunteering in the medical clinic at a large summer camp in Southeastern Michigan, and recognizes the need for improvements in the management of camper and staff health records.